"Unlike anything else I ever experienced in another Arlington gym"

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  "The Energy Club is the best! I've tried different gyms before and can say right away that I'm staying with this gym for as long as I can. The instructors are true professionals and are very attentive. They honestly care about your success and are always there to give advice and the best recommendations.  I am sure the times for classes can work perfectly with anyone's schedule. You can pretty much find anything that calls your heart: yoga, zumba, high-intensity training, spin class, etc., not to mention their superb crossfit program.  The locker room amenities are great. Bathrooms and showers are clean. There are always plenty of fresh towels, shower toiletries, hair-dryers,.. I would recommend this gym to anyone!" Oxana R. 9/10/13 (via Yelp!) "If you are looking for a smaller gym with personal attention and great trainers and instructors, then this is the gym for you.  I have been here for 5 years and was in no way a gym rate before I joined energy club.  When you join you receive a free consult with a trainer.  It was really helpful to get recommendations on where to start.  I began with body pump, body jam and a bunch of other classes.  Jim Scott's Friday morning HIT class is the best.  Great personal attention and its fun.  Everyone in the class is really nice and supportive.  All of the HIT classes are really good - David is tough and Eben is great too. Laurie is a great spin instructor as is Cheryl, Megan (who is new) and Kelly.  They really kick your butt and keep you motivated.   I started training with Lisa Bush a couple years ago - she is amazing (though sadly on leave right now).  So I moved onto Ish who is great.  Very fun and gives you a great workout (I am in small group training with him).  Tom and his entire staff is amazing and supportive.  They make you stronger, healthier and you have fun (or as much as you can while working out).  This gym is all about motivating their members.  They know your name, ask where you have been when you slack off and make you want to come back.  It's why i am still an active member after all these years.  Yes, its more pricey then other gyms in the area but they make it worth it.  They have social gatherings, athletic competitions, weight competitions, etc.  The gym is always clean with plenty of towels (which apparently are not included at other gyms).  The locker rooms are extremely well kept and while the gym is smaller i rarely wait for equipment or machines.  Just do it.  You won't regret it." Tiffany W. 9/10/13 (via Yelp!) "I. LOVE. MY. GYM. I hadn't worked out in years when I joined. I certainly never stuck with any fitness regime for more than a couple months. And now I go to the gym 5-6 days a week... And I'm out doing other fitness activities several times a week which I wouldn't have been fit enough to do a year ago.  I even run. I hated running. The equipment and facility is top notch. The locker rooms are always pristine and well-stocked with anything you might have forgotten (razors, mouth wash, hair supplies, even the blow dryers are great). The sauna has helped me kick a bad head cold on more than one occasion!  The real hook though for me, are the trainers. You get a free consult when you join. USE IT. I met with Ish Kamara and he gave me a program of classes that helped me get a balanced routine and I tried out types of workouts I had never done before (you want a unique a** kicking? Go see the "King of Tabata" Matt B... Awesomeness!!). And Ish gave me some nutrition tips and sent me on my way. I stayed the course and five months later I was ready to try something harder... I now do small group training with Ish several days a week (for an extra fee) and he's the absolute best. I am 100% partial to him. But, I have also trained with Stevon Scott and his Friday morning HIIT class rocks!! If you want a special kind of pain... Go to anything that the Fitness Director Tom Tomlo guest-teaches... You will find muscles you never knew you had. He is an expert in this field for a reason. The entire class schedule though is really fantastic. I've done the gamut from Zumba to Spin to HIIT etc... And I have never had a bad class or instructor. Seriously. The registering for the few popular classes (spin and Tabata is much improved since they went online vice calling the desk).  Lastly, they have great events for members... Wine and food tastings each month, free meet and greets with vendors, cool workshops on stuff like TRX, foam rolling (DO THIS!), and boxing. They are always worthwhile and I learn something new. They front desk staff is always pleasant, says hello, and most learn your name quickly. I have also made a pretty bitchin' group of fitness friends here that I love and they motivate me. It was the first gym I have ever been to that I found it easy to chat folks up and members were very helpful and gave recommendations on classes and trainers. You also get discounts at local Shirlington businesses when you show your Energy card.  If you had told me a year ago that a gym would become my Happy Place, I would have called you a liar. I am sure my gym, is better than your gym. Go check out a free trial already. Thank me later." --Chrissy J. 8/17/13 (via Yelp!) "Since re-joining The Energy Club, I have truly enjoyed exercising.  The club is always clean, the staff is friendly, and the options for classes and equipment target a wide range of levels and interests.  My favorite part about The Energy Club is training with Kathy Zach. She is the main reason I have been consistent with my workouts. With each session, Kathy includes new exercises. She spends the time to research the latest fitness information for her clients. I leave my sessions feeling challenged and supported.  Kathy has improved my posture, strength and confidence. The Energy Club is a fantastic gym and I look forward to being a member for many years." --Wendy T. 6/18/13 "I can't say enough good things about the Energy Club. The staff is amazing, Tom Tomlo, the fitness director, is first rate, and they are incredibly lucky to have him. The classes are incredible. I love being there; it is so much more than just a gym. They work very hard to make people feel welcome, to host events that build a sense of community, and to offer people the best in fitness." --Sarah H.,  5/10/13, (via Google+) "Best gym i've ever been to. staff is always really friendly, the classes are awesome. the machines are good quality and never broken. the locker rooms are amazing and have everything you would ever need....ever. free use of lockers. and they aren't anal about you bringing guests, which i really enjoy most. "Wow, am I happy I made this choice. This club is really different!" ---Juliet K, Arlington, 3/19/12 (via Yelp!) "I love this gym!!  They have all the fun equipment like kettle balls and tires to flip for everyone use.  Unlike other places who reserve the best equipment for those who pay for trainers.  They have a great schedule of exercise classes!  My favorite is Tabata (sorta like high intensity training) with Matt.  There is something for everyone, yoga, spinning, zumba, boxing, etc. One of my favorite feature is the locker rooms.  Very CLEAN! And they stock them with towels, shampoo, hair spray, blow dryers, etc.  Almost everything you need is there.  So you don't have to pack a huge bag just to sneak in a workout before heading to your job in the morning. They have WINE TASTINGS!  The Curious Grape next door comes over once a month for free wine tastings." ---Megan M.  3/21/13 (via Yelp!) "I've always had an unfocused approach towards fitness. I had a number of friends who had tried Crossfit and sung it's praises, but being more of a 'casual user' of fitness classes I was very intimidated and thought it would end in me hurting or embarrassing myself to the point of no return. After nearly a year of prodding from a few loyal Crossfitter friends, and a timely Living Social promotion for the Foundations program at The Energy Club's Crossfit box, I finally decided to give it a shot. As Jeff & Ray guided us through some of the more fundamental movements (all of which seemed to involve squats much to the classes dismay) I noticed that I was exchanging smiles, nods and determined looks with my classmates and within 60 minutes we had all come to the nonverbal consensus that it was us against the WOD. What I did not expect was that as I was cursing myself for parking on the 4th level and taking the stairs after that first class that I would already feel proud of myself for the effort I put in, connected to the classmates I'd met, and committed to do better next time. I realized that I had just done Crossfit - and lived to tell the tale. Now, about a month later, I've already seen significant changes in my ability. Ray, one of the trainers, came over to me after that WOD and commented on my progress and pointed out something that I had overlooked - that while I was making improvements physically it was just as much my believing that I could do it that got me up there. I realized he was right. Not just for how many box jumps I could do, but for the whole program. While I'm getting stronger and more mobile, I still have a long way to go to complete the WODs without any modifications/scaling, but the biggest change I've noticed is that what I used to look at up on that board as a lofty pursuit for the truly athletic I now see as a goal, albeit it distant. The trainers and the program give the guidance, feedback and push you need to improve and the sense of community you build with the people in the program makes you want to come back. I understand now when people who do Crossfit talk about it being an addiction, because the feeling of accomplishment when you're completely beat laying on the floor after a WOD with your fellow Crossfitters, the soreness that next morning, and the changes you see in your physical ability and determination to push yourself are unlike anything I've ever experienced in any other gym." --Sara G. 5/1/13