Exercise classes for every fitness level

The Energy Club offers the most up to date cutting edge classes taught by dynamic nationally certified instructors with one goal in mind—To improve your fitness level through fun, effective and innovative classes! Click here to register for group exercise classes!

High-energy cardio classes

The Energy Club ZUMBA – Come join the latest fitness craze and enjoy a major calorie burn while you dance your buns off to multi-cultural, high energy music. FUN! The Energy Club PILOXING - This is the latest fusion class combining Standing Pilates (think Barre), cardio Boxing and Dance. The best of all three modalities in a fun, high energy environment!

High Intensity Cardio-strength classes

The Energy Club Energy Combat - This high energy cardio & strength class is just what you need at the end of a long work day. Bring your boxing wraps and a lot of energy! The Energy Club Energy H.I.T. (High. Intensity. Training)– This Boot Camp style class focuses on all elements of conditioning – strength, endurance, agility, power and speed TO GIVE YOU THE ULTIMATE WORKOUT! The Energy Club Tabata - This high Intensity Interval training class follows a 4 minute cycle of  20 second work and 10 second rest intervals for 8 cycles which results in maximum cardio and strength endurance enhancements!

Strength-building classes

The Energy Club Absolutely Abs - This class is a 15 to 30 minute abdominal workout guaranteed to strengthen and define your back and abs. BODYPUMP™ is the original barbell class that strengthens your entire body. This 60-minute workout challenges all your major muscle groups by using the best weight-room exercises like squats, presses, lifts and curls.

Cycling classes

The Energy Club Energy Spin – Intro, I & II – The ultimate cardio workout & calorie burn! Non-impact and no choreography. Let us take your workout to a different level with our “virtual” rides. Intro is teach set up and technique & is for the beginner cyclist, I & II are for more advanced. NEW!

Pilates and yoga/mind-body classes

The Energy Club Pilates Mat - Based on the works of Joseph Pilates, this class strengthens the core abdominal muscles while opening joints and releasing tension. The Energy Club Restorative Pilates – Mat Pilates with focus on restoring the body to its proper alignment & posture to promote optimal function and reduce pain. The Energy Club Yoga Hatha Flow - This popular style of yoga means "uniting opposites". It combines postures (asana) with conscious attention to breath (pranayama) and workings of the mind (meditation) to bring participants a sense of calm. The Energy Club Yoga Vinyasa Flow - This style combines a series of flowing postures (asanas) with rhythmic breathing (pranayama) for an intense yet relaxing mind-body workout. The Energy Club Yoga Power Vinyasa - Take your yoga practice up a notch! This class focuses on the strength postures of Vinyasa. The Energy Club Core Fusion – The perfect blend of exercises from different yoga methods, pilates and meditation to have you feeling strong, centered, flexible and relaxed! BODYFLOW™ is an amazing mind/body workout that fuses the best of Yoga, Pilates Mat & Tai-Chi all to a fun contemporary soundtrack!