The Energy Club is proud to offer Child Minding to its members seven days a week. Our professional childcare staff will ensure that your kids remain active and having fun while you enjoy your workout. We accept reservations for children as young as 6 weeks and as old as 10 years. The last Friday of every month is Parent's Night Out! Enjoy extended Child Minding hours while you spend an evening on the town. Reservations required, only $10 per child.

Child Minding Hours

  • Monday: 8:45am - 1:30pm, 4-6pm
  • Tuesday: 8:45am - 1:30pm
  • Wednesday: 8:45am - 1:30pm, 4-7:30pm
  • Thursday: 8:45am - 1:30pm
  • Friday: 8:45am - 1:30pm, 4-7:30pm
  • Saturday: 9am - 12:30pm
  • Sunday: 9:30am-2:30pm